Mick Jagger - Being Mick


Mick Jagger - Being Mick

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Being Mick is a 2001 television film which chronicles the life of Mick Jagger for one year. Much of the film was filmed by Mick using a handheld camera. The film documents his recording of the Goddess in the Doorway album, as well as daily life including his family and friends. In the film, Mick attends a charity fundraiser hosted by Elton John as well as the premiere of the Kate Winslet film Enigma, which Jagger's company produced.

The film was directed by Kevin Macdonald and Jim Gable and produced by Victoria Pearman. Following its television debut on ABC on Thanksgiving night 2001, the film was released on DVD on 21 May 2002 through Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Estreia Mundial:
22 de Novembro de 2001
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