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  • Mad Love - Estados Unidos da América
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The sensuous Sappho betrays Andreas de la Croix for his boss, George Bertink. After visiting his brother, Andreas, in an insane asylum and learning he is there because of this woman, Sappho, Richard determines he must see her. When he meets her, the two fall in love, although he is not aware she is the one who caused his brother's insanity. George, now the rejected one, determines to win her back. Sappho and Richard are vacationing at a seaside resort when George finds them and tells Richard that it is Sappho who is responsible for his brother's condition. Richard leaves and goes back home to his mother and childhood sweetheart, Maria. On the day of the wedding, Richard finds he can't live without Sappho. He hurries back to the city to find her. In the meantime, Andreas has escaped from the insane asylum and is intent on seeking out Sappho to kill her.

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