Sombras chinesas


Ombres chinoises

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  • Ombre cinesi - Itália
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Um jogo de sombras.


Ombres chinoises was produced for the French TV magazine Juste une Image, a monthly show which in its almost three years of production cataloged all kinds of visual experimentations: from Muybridge to the latest computer animation of the New York Institute of Technology. I.N.A. asked for Raoul Ruiz's participation for the April 1982 show. He decided to produce Ombres Chinoises (probably a project that was wandering in his mind long before), a catalog of dramatic situations acted out by Chinese shadows with voice-over narrations. Nothing comes closer to the Ruizian aesthetics.

After the first dramatic situation, titled "enigma," a panel reads:

Gozzi affirmed that there are only 36 tragic situations. Schiller tried very hard to find more of them, but he found less than Gozzi. ~ Goethe. (Jordi Torrent)

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