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Danish filmmaker Jørgen Roos (most known for his documentaries) teams up with infamous Danish surrealist painter Wilhelm Freddie for this twisted little experimental film. With the aid of Wilhelm Freddie, the film certainly goes into the direction of more absurd and surreal cinema rather than avant garde. Channeling the likes of Dali and Bunuel, the early founders of surrealism in cinema, it is easy to track the film’s influences.

The comparison between food and the body being a main concern for its thematics. But overall like many surrealist art works, its nearly impossible to decipher any clear or direct meaning. Eaten Horizons works on many levels of surrealist cinema and its visceral emotive response is felt deep. Perhaps a dream (or nightmare if you will) of Roos is what drawn the film’s main inspirations. Dreamy and dark atmosphere, and Cronenberg-esque body horror.

fonte: http://www.tasteofcinema.com/2014/25-of-the-best-short-films-you-can-watch-online/

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