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The Blood Rose


La rose écorchée

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  • The Blood Rose - Estados Unidos da América
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Média geral 3.3
baseado em 13 votos
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92 minutos

Wealthy, distinguished, graying painter Frederic (Philippe Lemaire, SPIRITS OF THE DEAD) drops the attentions of his lover Moira (Elizabeth Teissier) for the beautiful Anne (Anny Duperey) and the two soon wed. During a fancy costume party at Frederic's chateau, Moira's would-be catfight with Anne has her accidentally falling into a roaring outdoor bonfire, becoming disfigured and crippled for life. When Frederic isn't painting, messing around with deadly plants at the clinic he's part owner of, or romancing the blonde chambermaid, he's ushering in beautiful women to his baroque residence. It seems that one of his employees, Professor Romer (Howard Vernon), is a discredited but brilliant surgeon who may be the only one who can restore his wife's former beauty, but he'll have to murder to do so.

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