The Collection


The Collection

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Hailed by Laurence Olivier as on of the outstanding plays of the 20th Century, Harold Pinter's THE COLLECTION is a raw, menacing drama that entangles two couples: Harry and Bill, James and Stella, in a bitter and violent emotional game. Each has a movite for hiding and perverting the truth about a seduction that may or may not have taken place at a fashion show in Leeds. Each is a pawn, yet at the same time a cunning manipulator in a power struggle marked by jealousy, pent-up rage, and paranoia. While the reality of the event becomes increasingly blurred, its relevance is diminished as the reality of each charachter's obsessed motives is revealed. The corrupt undersides of love: cruelty and self-loathing, are laid bare by Harold Pinter's relentless psychological scalpel and brought to electrifying life by four of Britain's finest stage and screen actors.

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1 de Janeiro de 1976
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