The Divine Garbo


The Divine Garbo

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  • The Divine Greta Garbo - Austrália
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The Divine Greta Garbo is a brisk clip-driven documentary that covers Garbo's illustrious life and career, all within 47 minutes. The production was made for Turner in 1990, shortly after Garbo died on Easter Sunday, and it was written by Newsweek film critic David Ansen and produced, edited and directed by Susan F. Walker.

The documentary is completely composed of clips from Garbo's movies, including the few that she made in Europe before immigrating to America and greener pastures in the desert paradise known as Hollywood. There are no interviewees available for added commentary on the many Garbo films that we see. Glenn Close narrates and hosts from the stage of the Martin Beck Theatre, which was then home to the Broadway production of Grand Hotel. Walking through the set, Close claims it is where the "legend and the mystery of Greta Garbo lingers on."

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1 de Junho de 1990
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