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Yarasa Adam - Bedmen

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Betmen Yarasa Adam is a crazy and low-budget Turkish superhero movie from 1973. It certainly portrays the Caped Crusader in a different light than westerners are used to seeing. He's a smirky, big-haired guy who smokes, uses a gun, frequents strip clubs (with Robin in tow), roughs up women, and habitually screws around behind his girlfriend's back. There is a cat-petting villain who resembles Blofeld. The film has a little mild nudity, so be forewarned. The film is in pretty so-so condition. In particular, the soundtrack is somewhat warbly and tinny. Although this movie is in unsubtitled Turkish, it hardly matters. This movie is for fans of cult cinema and crazy old Turkish films. It was directed by Savas Esici, and stars Levent Ãakir, Emel Ãzden and Altan Gunbay.

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