205 - Room of Fear


205 - Room of Fear

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  • Das erste Semester - Alemanha
  • Rum 205 - Zimmer der Angst - Suécia
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What happened in Room 205? Why has no one lived there for over a year? Katrin could care less: the 19-year-old student has landed a room in the dorm, and that means freedom! Freedom from home and her over-protective father. The semester is just beginning, and it’s time to make new friends, go to parties, have sex, and, of course, go to classes. When strange things happen in her room, and she begins to understand why no one wanted to move into Room 205 before her...

One night, she makes a horrifying discovery in the cellar: Christian, a young man she had slept with, is dead. And it’s only the first in a series of grisly “accidents” in which Katrin is involved. When she finds the video diary of her predecessor, Annika, she becomes convinced that Annika was murdered by a clique of students who are now accusing her of killing Christian. Katrin feels increasingly terrorized ... Annika’s video messages seem to be the desperate cries of a tormented young woman.

But are they really? Fearful of going mad and suffering the same fate as her predecessor, Katrin wants to clear up the mystery – even if it means confronting herself with terrifying truths about her fellow students, herself, and the former occupant of Room 205 ...

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