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9Número de Fãs

Nascimento: 17 de Agosto de 1961 (57 years)

Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

Ashlie Rhey is most well known for her work with Playboy and her many starring movie, television and video roles. Her career began in fashion modeling. She actually got her first acting role through her modeling agent; she played the part of a 1950s movie starlet with Edd Byrnes of "77 Sunset Strip" (1958) in a commercial, a clear indication of where she would go in the future. Modeling took her to Europe, where she appeared in fashion shows, catalogs, magazines, commercials and advertisements. Upon returning to Hollywood she decided to pursue a career as an actress. Her first theatrical agent received a call from Playboy looking for models for their newsstand specials (Girls of Summer, Book of Lingerie, Book of Nudes, etc.). They booked her for one photo shoot, but she so impressed Playboy that she has done, so far, seven of the newsstand specials. She also appeared in a pictorial for Playboy Australia. During her studies for acting, she supplemented her income as a hand and leg/foot model and body double. She poked the Pillsbury Doughboy, and was the hands of supermodels Rachel Hunter, 'Nikki Taylor' and others in their commercials for Cover Girl, Revlon, etc. Kelly Lynch, Lara Flynn Boyle, Sarah Jessica Parker and Valeria Golino are a few of the actresses for whom Ashlie body-doubled in their movie posters and video box covers. She began auditioning and obtained some small roles, then landed her first starring role in the very independent horror film The Summoned (1992). Her next break came when she was cast as the star of Bikini Drive-In (1995). She subsequently co-starred in that film's sequel, Bikini Hoe-Down (1997) (V). Ashlie starred in various Playboy productions, lots of other films, videos, and cable television programs you have seen on Cinemax, The Movie Channel, USA, Showtime and The Playboy Channel. She performed as part of an ensemble skit at the Comedy Store, and as a nudist-zombie in the stage production of the comedy musical "Nudist Colony Of The Dead". These comedy roles developed her taste for more and she landed the role of Tye Dye, a girl raised by hippies who dreams of being a movie star in the comedy Babe Watch: Forbidden Parody (1996). Playboy asked her to appear as one of their "Rising Stars and Starlets" in their video by the same name, which included Julie Strain, Monique Parent, Lisa Boyle and others. In this video she played herself as a movie star, and that brings this story back to the beginning--from being cast as a starlet in a commercial to being a star herself.

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