Bunny Hugged


Bunny Hugged

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The big wrestling match: The Crusher vs. Ravishing Ronald. Ronald's mascot is Bugs Bunny ("it's a living"). But Ronald is massively outmatched by The Crusher, and Bugs, seeing his meal ticket threatened, quickly substitutes as "The Masked Terror." But Bugs is no match for him either, at least on a pure physical level. So it's time for Bugs to apply "strategy." He rips his mask, making Crusher think it was his pants fortunately, Stychen Tyme, the tailor, is handy - complete with needle to stick in a sensitive spot. Enraged, Crusher charges, right through the giant safe, into the ropes; Bugs closes the door, Crusher crashes into the safe and is dazed. Bugs suggests he rest up on this nice soft mat...

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