Cranial Sacral


Cranial Sacral

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12 - Não recomendado para menores de 12 anos

After an injury puts SCARLETT HEALY (35) in a wheelchair, she moves in with her daughter, AUTUMN (19), who just moved into a creepy old house with her boyfriend, FRANK THRUSSEL (30). There's one condition to the arrangement. Scarlett cannot interfere with Autumn's relationship and find something wrong with Autumn's new boyfriend, as she has a habit of doing. Scarlett may have to choose between getting kicked out of her daughter's life and saving it as moving into the house leads to a journey of suspense, mystery, spine-tingling discoveries about Frank and the people who have been killed in the house.

Scarlett quickly finds horror in her new living arrangement as she starts seeing a ghostly figure and receives a warning from a strange neighbor, QUINTON JONESBORO (32) to get out of the house. Is the house haunted or are her medications causing hallucinations? Should Scarlett heed his warnings or is her neighbor crazy?

Frank suffers from intense pain in his hands that is taking away his ability to play the piano, which is his passion and livelihood. Scarlett employs a special form of massage therapy-Cranial Sacral-to find the source of Frank's pain and release it. But whatever spirit lingers in the house increases the therapy's intensity, whirling Scarlett into Frank's memories with each therapy session.

Travelling through Frank's fragmented memories, Scarlett discovers the source of his pain may be murder!

Now Scarlett must unravel a mystery involving Frank and his previous tenants, ANGEL, a girl who enraptured Frank with her beautiful voice, and MATTHEW BRADLEY, her boyfriend whom Frank hated.

Did Frank murder them? Would he do the same to Autumn? If she tells her daughter, Scarlett will be kicked out and be completely unable to protect her. But the longer they're in the house, the more it appears their lives are in danger.

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