Crime, Droga e Prostituição


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Created while Jamaa Fanaka was studying film at UCLA, Soul Vengeance was a twist on the blaxploitation genre’s obsession with virile men. Pushing the limits of good taste in this campy thriller, Fanaka’s ex-con protagonist seeks revenge by having sex and murdering his enemies’ lovers. Yes, with his monstrously large penis. The Penitentiary series director was part of the LA Rebellion group of African-American filmmakers, who aimed to create a provocative, politically minded, alternative brand of cinema. “They were reacting to a certain degree against the blaxploitation films in the ’70s as being inauthentic. They wanted to do things differently and, of course, they were strongly influenced by black-power politics. Who wasn’t? White leftists and liberals were too at that time. The professorship, though, didn’t get it,” UCLA Film & Television Archive head Jan-Christopher Horak stated in a 2011 interview. (sinopse flavorwire) / Um homem é colocado um tempo na cadeia, onde é submetido a experimentos hediondos. (sinopse site filmesdetv).

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