Femmine Carnivore


Die Weibchen

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  • Mujeres carnivoras - Espanha
  • The Females - Estados Unidos da América
  • Les mantes religieuses - França
  • Femmine carnivore - Itália
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Basically "Feminine Carnivores" is about a woman,who checks into a health spa-clinic secretly inhabited by cannibalistic and very sexy feminists who enjoy killing and eating men.One gory and surreal scene shows a body being dismembered and ground up by a sadistic nurse.Is it part of the woman's nightmare or is it real?"Feminine Carnivores" is worth checking out for its psychedelic atmosphere,funky 70's fashion style and beautiful,often nude ladies.

Outrageous sleaze about a woman who joins an exclusive health clinic only to discover it's run by feminist cannibals! With gore and nudity, this is the only movie we know of that's got both a group of bra burning women and a man being split down the middle with a table saw!

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