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Everyone hates Trent Modine, but not because of anything he's done. His father just so happens to be the Bridgeport Butcher, a serial killer scheduled for execution. Trent is a decent guy, but all other people see is a tainted human being destined to commit violent crimes. Trent decides to skip town with his half brother, Joey. Their destination is the small charming town, in the middle of nowhere, Mooseheart. The fresh start is everything they hoped for. Trent even meets a pretty girl, Madison, who is actually interested in him. The bliss comes to an end when a string of murders hit the small town. Who is killing these people? Trent and Joey will do whatever they can to unravel the mystery, but the identity of the killer will rock the city of Mooseheart to its core. Has Trent followed in his father's footsteps? Will Trent get the girl? Will Joey become "He who has the weed, has the power"?com

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1 de Agosto de 2016
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