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Nascimento: 14 de Dezembro de 1884 (65 years)

Falecimento: 22 de Junho de 1950

Massachussetts, EUA - Estados Unidos da América

Jane Cowl was born in Boston, Massachusetts on December 14, 1884. Jane was one of the fine stage actresses of her time, who eventually found her way onto the silver screen in 1915 in Garden of Lies (1915). She appeared (and became a playwright) on Broadway from 1903-47; acted in The Spreading Dawn (1917) in 1917 but she stepped away from films for a long time. She concentrated on not only her stage acting, but also her career as a playwright. She penned five plays between 1918 and 1941. In 1943, 28 years after her second film, Jane returned to the big screen with a small role in Noivas de Tio Sam (1943). Years later, in 1949, she was in Nascida para Amar (1949). After 1950's Cada Vida... Seu Destino (1950), Jane realized she had cancer. She died on June 22, 1950 in Santa Monica, California. She was 67 years old. Her last film, Depois da Tormenta (1951), was released the following year.

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