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470Número de Fãs

Nascimento: 26 de Janeiro de 1991 (27 years)

Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK - Reino Unido da Grã-Bretanha e Irlanda do Norte

Nico Cristian Mirallegro (born 26 January 1991 Manchester, England is a British actor who played the role of Barry "Newt" Newton in the British soap opera Hollyoaks between 22 October 2007 and 25 June 2010.
His father is Sicilian and his mother is Irish-English. A native of Manchester, he portrayed "Newt", an emo teenager who is the foster child of Jack and Frankie Osborne in Hollyoaks. In a backstage video produced by Channel 4, Mirallegro insisted that he was nothing like his character. He wore a wig and fake lip-piercing to portray him. Prior to winning the role, he was a student, starting in February 2007, at the Manchester School of Acting. At the same time as filming for Hollyoaks, he was also playing Cam Spencer in web series LOL, which explores sex, drugs and relationships.
He has a younger sister called Claudia Marissa, born in 1992.
In March 2010 the new producer Paul Marquess axed a string of characters in a bid to shake up the show. Nico Mirallegro was not part of this cull; he quit in September 2009 to work on other projects. His last day of filming on Hollyoaks was 29 April 2010. His character 'Newt' left the show on 25 June 2010, in a storyline about moving to Scotland to live with his mother and baby brother Jensen.

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