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The Last Year


The Last Year

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108 minutos

It’s a new school year at an evangelical Christian Bible College, but Paul has a problem: over the summer, he’s realized that he is gay, and feels torn between his true nature and religion. He and his friends are seniors getting ready to graduate. To complicate matters, he’s attracted to a new student at school – Alex. As he and Alex grow closer, a romance blooms, and rumors begin to spread across the campus, and the two friends become the target of hate and face possible expulsion from school. Another friend, Hector, is also gay and becomes increasingly distraught over their growing persecution. However, Paul’s best friend and roommate, Robbie, though doubtful at first, comes to accept his friends’ gayness. After some struggles, he and Paul remain close. All of the characters continue to grapple with issues of sexuality, spirituality, and Christianity. The school finally favors homophobic religious rules, and expels Alex and Hector. College Dean Saunders keeps Paul because, as it turns out, he has gay feelings for Paul and sexual and marital struggles of his own. Another friend of Paul’s, Beth, tries to come to terms with Paul’s situation. She has a crush on him but cannot understand his gayness. Meanwhile, Hector becomes extremely depressed because of his disgrace and commits suicide. Realizing the lack of understanding by his family, school, and religion, Paul decides he must leave. In the end, he and Alex drive away from the college, as Paul realizes that love, and not religious rules, must guide his new life.

Estreia Mundial:
4 de Junho de 2002
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