The Runaway


The Runaway

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Based on Martina Cole’s gritty crime novel The Runaway, Sky 1 brings this six-part drama to the screen:
East London kids Cathy Connor (Vanderham) and Eamonn Docherty (O'Connell) dream of a brighter future. But their hopes are shattered when Cathy is sent into care and then compelled to run away and forced to survive on the streets of Soho. Befriended by colourful transvestite Desrae (Cumming), Cathy grows up in the heart of London's underworld, while Eamonn is drawn into a life of crime and ultimately flees to New York. As London's red light district sinks into the sleaze of the 70s, and the IRA, police corruption and industrial strikes dominate the nation's mood, Cathy and Eamonn are drawn back together, only to discover that their past is not far behind.

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31 de Março de 2011
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