The Unforgiven


Yongseobadji mothan ja

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One hot summer night, Tae-jung receives a call from Seung-young, an old junior high classmate. They were reunited when Seung-young entered the army under him. Though Tae-jung has since been discharged, Seung-young is still serving. Out on leave, Seung-young asks to meet. However, Tae-jung seems uncomfortable around him. Near the end of his army service, Tae-jung, a sergeant, took Seung-young under his wing because he was an old classmate when he entered the army as a private. Seung-young was having a hard time adjusting to army life where it is all about orders and obedience. But even as time passes, Seung-young is unable to adjust to army routine and he becomes more and more isolated from his fellow soldiers. Even Tae-jung is constantly put in an awkward spot because of him. Then Tae-jung is discharged and with it goes his safety net. So Seung-young slowly starts to change...

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18 de Novembro de 2005
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