Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back!


Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back!

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Two years after Jason Parks saved Princess Summer Vale from her life hunting Kellipoths in the Demon dimension, a sudden surge a supernatural activity and violent attacks have resurfaced on our plane beyond the normal parameters. The two must once again pair together to save the world.

The Rising Dark Agency, a black ops division of the Government headed by Colonel Haggerd, suspects that the mystic strikes are the work of Mardock, an evil Demon-God capable of destroying worlds. The entire Agency is on high alert but there's more to the story than they know.

With the help of sexy field agent Holly, Jason's new partner Daniel, and half-Demon Bulo, Summer and Jason set out to solve the mystery of Mardock and prevent the coming apocalypse. But no one is prepared for whom they find behind the Dark Lord’s ascension.

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