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110 minutos

This Italian movie is an anthology based with no linking material, only that all of the stories have a horror/suspense/surreal theme.
The titles of the stories are as follows:

Our Guys Are Coming - A manic pre-credit sequence
Home Delivery - The occupants of a house try & fend off a determined delivery guy, who isn't too thrilled about being called out after hours.
Just Another Vampire Story - An aged vampire tries to impress a young man about his blood-sucking antics
Is TV Bad For Kids? - An evil television stalks a young girl around her home
Empty Gift - Big business and over-population clash in a Blade-Runner-like world
Chains - A guy is inducted into the world of S&M, where chains are the ultimate fashion statement
Outlook - A young woman has her dreams invaded by her psychiatrist
India 21 - A cab driver picks up a mysterious invisible passenger
Finally Together - A couple set up home in the country, but death plagues their thoughts
Squeak - Anarchic low-budget filmmakers try & make a snuff-movie

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