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Happy Ever Afters

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The plot is mainly about 2 weddings whose reception end up in the same hotel. Maura is faking getting married to Wilson for 9000 pounds to stay in the country. The other wedding is between Sophie and Freddie. Sophie runs off because she thinks her husband is having an affair with the other bride (Maura) who, in turn, is hiding from detectives. It doesn't help that her daughter Molly keeps on asking questions about her mom and Wilson. Sophie's dad tries to kill Freddie because his daughter has disappeared. In the end Freddie tries to kill himself (but doesn't) and he and Maura kiss. Maura manages to convince the detectives that her marriage is real. Wilson gives Maura her 9000 pounds and then runs off with his girlfriend. They all live happily ever after except Sophie's dad who had to wear a restraining jacket for trying to kill Freddie with an axe.

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25 de Dezembro de 2009
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