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Romance entre adolescentes. Entre amigos, inglês e uma francesa.
Este filme marcou época. Com ótima canção de Elton John: "Friends". Teve uma seqüência: Paul e Michelle (1974).

In this teen romance, a young neglected English boy (Sean Bury) runs away and becomes friends with a French girl (Anicée Alvina) in the same flight. Together, they go to an idyllic marsh location in France (the Camargue), become lovers, set up housekeeping, have a baby, and play at being responsible adults, discovering along the way many of the troubles involved, before ultimately becoming separated by police responding to a missing persons report.
The film found a significant niche audience with its idyllic portrayal of teen love, and quite possibly due to its inclusion of frontal nudity of the then-17-year-old female protagonist (who was portrayed as 14 in the film).

Friends is a 1971 film directed by Lewis Gilbert and written by Gilbert, Vernon Harris and Jack Russell. Though the movie was a flop[citation needed], the soundtrack by Elton John and Bernie Taupin was a success, and was released as the Friends album. The film was nominated for Best Foreign Film - English Language at the 1972 Golden Globe Awards. It was also nominated for Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture at the 1972 Grammy Awards.

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29 de Outubro de 1971
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