Glorious Betsy


Glorious Betsy

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novelized by De Haas from the play by Rida Johnson Young. Fine in an attractive, very good plus dustwrapper with some light wear and very short tears. Dolores Costello and Conrad Nagel starred in the 1928 Alan Crosland-directed film.

The film is a semi-historical narrative and depicts the real-life courtship, marriage, and forced breakup of Jérôme Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon, and his wife from the American south, Elizabeth Patterson. Napoleon did not approve of the union (despite the fact that her family was one of the wealthiest in America) and the marriage was annulled. Jerome was subsequently forced to marry Catharina of Württemberg. They had one child, depicted in the movie, Jérôme Napoleon Bonaparte. In order to provide a "happy ending", Jerome in the film leaves France to be with his wife. However, in historical fact he remained in Europe.

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