Ku hai ming deng


Ku hai ming deng

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Ah Ngor, a maid servant, is made pregnant by her master Chan Ying-kit. She has no choice but to entrust her son Tin-sun to the care of the head of hospital. The doctor marries again, handing over the boy to a wet nurse. She often skips work and goes home to see him. Consequently, Mrs Lam fires her. She falls ill and dies, her gambling-addicted husband sells Tin-sun to the Chans. Sun runs away, he steals and hides in a hospital for the blind. He is given shelter by the head and his wife. There he meets Ah Lin, the blind girl who used to be his friend when they were young. He grow up to be an excellent eye surgeon and recovers Ah Lin's sight. When Sun announces that he would like to call Madam Lee his mother, he is intrigued by the pack of parents now come knocking at his door. Kit also comes to ask for money, but Ah Ngor reveals his bad conduct and kicks him out. Sun finally recognises his mother.

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30 de Abril de 1953
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