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The Verger
The new vicar (Michael Hordern) of St. Peter's Church is astonished to learn that the long-serving verger, Albert Foreman (James Hayter), is illiterate. When Foreman refuses to learn to read, the vicar feels he has no choice but to fire him...

Mr. Know-All
Reserved Mr. Gray (Wilfred Hyde-White) finds himself forced to share a cabin on an ocean liner with the loud, opinionated, supremely self-confident gem dealer Max Kelada (Nigel Patrick). Kelada soon dominates all the onboard social gatherings, much to the annoyance of his fellow passengers, who take to calling him "Mr. Know-All" behind his back because of his insistence that he is an expert on all subjects.

Writer Mr. Ashenden (Roland Culver) is sent to a sanatorium for his health. While there, he becomes acquainted with the lives and dramas of the residents. Another newcomer is the scandalous Major George Templeton (Michael Rennie), who admires lovely Evie Bishop (Jean Simmons). Evie has spent years in one sanatorium after another. Ashenden also observes the ongoing feud between longtime patients Mr. Campbell (John Laurie) and Mr...

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20 de Dezembro de 1950
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