All You Need Is Love


Luò Pǎo Ba Ài Qíng

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Wealthy heiress Yeh Fen-fen (Shu Qi) flees from her family's constant urging for her to get married, bringing a tape of the song Grandma's Pescadores (Penghu) Bay (外婆的澎湖灣) with her that was left behind by her deceased parents. Fen-fen intends to experience the atmosphere in the song's lyrics and search for the freedom of life. Fen-fen books a seaside villa on the internet and begins her journey with a mind full of imaginations.

Fen-fen, however, unexpectedly ends up living in a crummy bed and breakfast owned by Wu Si-shan (Richie Jen), which was a result of false advertisement on the internet by Wu's friends, who wanted to help him expand his business. Fen-fen stays there for a night before angrily leaving. While leaving on a boat ride, Fen-fen's luggage also fall into the sea, leaving her no choice but to stay on the island. Meanwhile, Wu's bead and breakfast had to be closed down due to the fact that his younger brother was cheated in an investment. As a result, Wu has to carry the burden of repaying the high-interest debts.

Fen-fen is a picky and cold princess, while Wu is a carefree and passionate islander. As these two polar opposites encounter in the beautiful island, they embark on a relaxed comical romantic journey.

Estreia Mundial:
4 de Setembro de 2015
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