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Lista criada por Paula Torres paulamtorres
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Visually Stunning Films

When someone mentions “visually stunning films”, it’s easy to associate this with films that lack real content, and instead are based mainly on images without portraying anything truly significant. The fact that these films are so relevant visually doesn’t mean that they don’t still tell a great story.

In fact, most of the films here are also considered some of the best from the last four years, and with reason. The wonderful collaborations between these directors, cinematographers, production, art and costume designers, colorists, etc., are most often built around a story, working towards the best ways to capture and express it in order to make fantastic and overwhelming visual experiences.

Over the last few years, a lot of filmmakers have been coming up with completely distinct storytelling formats, experimenting and toying with unusual mediums and styles. Featuring some of the most awe-inspiring American Indies and Hollywood films, and a few foreign films and collaborations, here are the 25 most visually stunning films from 2010 to 2014 – in no specific order.

Note: While there aren’t any references from the year 2010, last year gave us too many visual wonders and therefore occupies almost half of this list – thankfully.

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Lista editada há 2 anos

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  1. Ela (Her)


    4.3 5,6K
  2. Laurence Anyways (Laurence Anyways)

    Laurence Anyways

    4.1 538
  3. Melancolia (Melancholia)


    3.8 3,1K
  4. A Grande Beleza (La Grande Bellezza)

    A Grande Beleza

    3.9 421
  5. Frances Ha (Frances Ha)

    Frances Ha

    4.1 1,3K
  6. Azul é a Cor Mais Quente (La Vie d'Adèle)

    Azul é a Cor Mais Quente

    3.8 4,4K
  7. A Árvore da Vida (The Tree of Life)

    A Árvore da Vida

    3.4 3,0K
  8. Gravidade (Gravity)


    3.9 5,0K
  9. Weekend (Weekend)


    3.9 519
  10. O Grande Mestre (Yi Dai Zong Shi)

    O Grande Mestre

    3.4 154
  11. O Grande Hotel Budapeste (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

    O Grande Hotel Budapeste

    4.2 2,9K
  12. Nebraska (Nebraska)


    4.1 1,0K
  13. As Aventuras de Pi (Life of Pi)

    As Aventuras de Pi

    3.9 4,5K
  14. Elena (Elena)


    3.5 40
  15. Apenas Deus Perdoa (Only God Forgives)

    Apenas Deus Perdoa

    3.0 613
  16. Spring Breakers: Garotas Perigosas (Spring Breakers)

    Spring Breakers: Garotas Perigosas

    2.4 2,0K
  17. Segredos de Sangue (Stoker)

    Segredos de Sangue

    3.5 1,2K
  18. Luz Depois das Trevas (Post Tenebras Lux)

    Luz Depois das Trevas

    3.6 49
  19. Inside Llewyn Davis - Balada de um Homem Comum (Inside Llewyn Davis)

    Inside Llewyn Davis - Balada de um Homem Comum

    3.8 514
  20. O Mestre (The Master)

    O Mestre

    3.7 886
  21. Ida (Ida)


    3.7 429
  22. Oh Boy (Oh Boy)

    Oh Boy

    3.8 81
  23. Oh Boy (Oh Boy)

    Oh Boy

    3.8 81
  24. Cores do Destino (Upstream Color)

    Cores do Destino

    3.6 168
  25. Pina (Pina)


    4.4 409
  26. Amantes Eternos (Only Lovers Left Alive)

    Amantes Eternos

    3.8 739