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The Calculator

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  • Vychislitel - Rússia
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Ten prisoners, sentenced to be banished for life from their native planet
XT-59, set out on a dangerous journey across the Sargasso Swamp. The
group immediately splinters off into two camps: Erwin and Christie are
determined to seek out the Isles of Happiness, while Yust leads the others
in the direction of the Rotten Shallows. For the time being, however,
their missions lead them along the same route. By the end of their first day
together, Erwin realizes he is destined to be killed: a man of great importance
in his former life, he remains a threat to the new powers-that-be. He
chooses Christie as his companion and immediately tries to get as far away
as possible from the rest of the group, hoping to remain safe from harm.
Their search for the Isles of Happiness is wrought with countless obstacles,
but the hope that they will finally find freedom and happiness survives.

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