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"The Formula" is the story of Quinn (Baker) and Graham (played by Iowa Native Mike Schminke), two engineering students who discover a mathematical formula to pick up women with ease. Quinn is a hopeless romantic who falls head over heels for a young student teacher. Graham is a chauvinistic womanizer who thinks the key to finding the woman of his dreams is by wooing as many as possible. As "The Formula" follows Quinn and Graham from one date to the next, they discover that there is no shortcut to finding true love.
- Written by Tim Nash
Quinn is a substitute teacher and engineering graduate student who is a romantic at heart. His best friend is Grant a fellow graduate student and chauvinist who when it comes to women believes in the axiom of quantity over quality. While working towards a grant in their engineering program they develop a mathematical formula that when applied will attract women to them. Their discovery eventually corrupts them transforming them into a pair of arrogant and selfish womanizers. It will take getting kicked out of their program and the end of their friendship before Quinn and Graham learn that there's no easy answer to finding true love.
- Written by Anonymous

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15 de Abril de 2014
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