A Kiss for Jed Wood


A Kiss for Jed Wood

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When extrovert 19-year-old Irish girl Orla (Jayne Wisener) wins a reality TV show, she's set a novel task. She has to travel to America to track down country and western superstar Jed Wood (Neal Bledsoe) for a kiss. Sent to document this great quest is grumpy, jaded, fortysomething cameraman Ray (Mark O'Halloran), who seems determined to hate every moment. In New York, they hook up with porno film soundman Mike (Lee Arenberg) and embark on their mission. Needless to say, this is spectacularly unsuccessful. Along the way, their cause is championed by radio DJ Carter (Jay Thomas), who's intrigued to find out why they want to stalk Jed. As the eventful odyssey continues and an unlikely 'chalk and cheese' friendship develops, Ray makes a decision to rescue Orla from a fate worse than death!

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