The Puffy Chair


AKA I polythrona Greece (DVD title)

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Josh likes to be on time. He likes to save money. And he likes to dominate the small things in his world. Rhett likes to film lizards in the bushes outside his apartment and talk at length about honesty and bad mojo and how they feed off your energy. Emily's favorite movie is Sleepless in Seattle and she likes to make sweeping statements about what the essence of marriage is. Josh and Emily have been dating for three years. Rhett is his younger brother. Josh's life is pretty much in the toilet. He's a failed NYC indie rocker, and a failing booking agent. But he finds the potential of a small victory in a really bad idea. He decides to purchase a 1985 Lazy Boy on eBay, just like the one his dad had when Josh was a kid. He'll drive cross-country for the chair, staying with Emily at his brother's house on the way, and deliver it to his father as a surprise birthday gift. But when Rhett ends up coming along for the ride, it's three people and a giant purple puffy chair in a too-small van… and one of them has to go before the trip's end.

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