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0Número de Fãs

Nascimento: 28 de Fevereiro de 1910 (55 years)

Falecimento: 2 de Setembro de 1965

New York City, New York - Estados Unidos da América

Felix E. Feist (February 28, 1910 - September 2, 1965) was a film and television director born in New York City.

Feist was the son of an MGM sales manager, and was educated at Columbia University. He is probably best remembered today for Deluge (1933), for writing and directing the film noirs The Devil Thumbs a Ride (1947) and The Threat (1949), and helming the second screen version of the Curt Siodmak sci-fi tale Donovan's Brain (1953). He directed Judy Garland and Deanna Durbin in their first significant screen appearances, in the short film Every Sunday.

Feist was the adoptive father of noted fantasy author Raymond E. Feist.

His ex-wife, actress-cum-newswoman Lisa Howard, who appeared in several of his 1950s films, committed suicide just two months before his death from cancer.