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Folk Horror

"Folk horror is a sub-genre of horror fiction characterised by reference to European, pagan traditions. Stories typically involve standing stone circles, earthworks, elaborate rituals or nature deities. As indicated by Mark Gatis in "A History of Horror", folk horror movies enjoyed international success in the late 1960s and early 1970s, many produced by Hammer Films in the UK. Blood on Satan's Claw (1971), Witchfinder General (1968) and The Devil Rides Out (1968) are all excellent examples but all are now overshadowed by the defining folk horror movie The Wickerman (1973).

But this particular boom by no means marks the full extent of folk horror on the big screen. Earlier examples like Curse of the Demon (1957) and much later ones such as Wake Wood (2011), show a genre significant before the 60s and still very much alive today".

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  1. O Homem de Palha (The Wicker Man)

    O Homem de Palha

    4.0 245
  2. O Estigma de Satanás (Blood on Satan's Claw)

    O Estigma de Satanás

    3.4 19
  3. O Caçador de Bruxas  (Witchfinder General )

    O Caçador de Bruxas

    3.3 24
  4. Viy - A Lenda do Monstro (Viy)

    Viy - A Lenda do Monstro

    3.8 54
  5. Valerie e Sua Semana de Deslumbramentos (Valerie a Týden Divů)

    Valerie e Sua Semana de Deslumbramentos

    3.9 137
  6. A Noite do Demônio  (Night of the Demon )

    A Noite do Demônio

    3.9 42
  7. A Field in England (A Field in England)

    A Field in England

    3.3 20
  8. Usina de Monstros (Quatermass II: Enemy from Space)

    Usina de Monstros

    3.8 2
  9. Bruxa - A Face do Demônio (The Witches)

    Bruxa - A Face do Demônio

    3.3 16
  10. A Serpente (The Reptile)

    A Serpente

    3.4 15
  11. De Repente A Escuridão (And Soon the Darkness)

    De Repente A Escuridão

    3.3 17
  12. Dog Soldiers - Cães de Caça (Dog Soldiers)

    Dog Soldiers - Cães de Caça

    3.5 159
  13. Kill List (Kill List)

    Kill List

    3.3 134
  14. As Bodas de Satã (The Devil Rides Out)

    As Bodas de Satã

    3.7 42
  15. The Beast in the Cellar (The Beast in the Cellar)

    The Beast in the Cellar

    4.2 1
  16. A Aldeia dos Amaldiçoados (Village of the Damned)

    A Aldeia dos Amaldiçoados

    3.8 101
  17. Mark of the Devil (Hexen Bis Aufs Blut Gequält)

    Mark of the Devil

    3.6 7
  18. A Bruxa (The Witch)

    A Bruxa

    3.6 2,9K