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Lista criada por juandiego dorense
Grau de compatibilidade cinéfila
Baseado em avaliações em comum

Oscar 2017 - Melhor Canção Original

Foram anunciadas 91 canções que avançarão para a próxima fase onde serão indicadas as 5 finalistas para concorrer ao 89th Academy Awards - Oscar 2017.

As canções originais e os filmes correspondentes são apresentados na lista abaixo em ordem alfabética pelo título do filme e o título da música:

1- Just Like Fire from Alice through The Looking Glass
2- Rise from American Wrestler: The Wizard
3- Friends from The Angry Birds Movie
4- Flicker from Audrie & Daisy
5- Seconds from Autumn Lights
6- A Minute To Breathe from Before The Flood
7- Glory (Let There Be Peace) from Believe
7- Mother’s Theme from Believe
7- Somewhere from Believe
8- The Only Way Out from Ben-Hur
9- Still Falling For You from Bridget Jones’s Baby
10- That from The Bronze
11- Torch Pt. 2 from Citizen Soldier
12- Drift And Fall Again from Criminal
13- Take Me Down from Deepwater Horizon
14- Land Of All from Desierto
15- Sad But True (Dreamland Theme) from Dreamland
16- Angel By The Wings from The Eagle Huntress
17- Blind Pig from Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
18- One Frame At A Time from Floyd Norman: An Animated Life
19- I’m Crying from Free State of Jones
20- Gold from Gold
21- Champion from Hands of Stone
22- Dance Rascal, Dance from Hello, My Name Is Doris
23- I See A Victory from Hidden Figures
23- Runnin from Hidden Figures
24- Sixty Charisma Scented Blackbirds from How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change
25- My Superstar from Ice Age: Collision Course
26- Seeing You Around from Ithaca
27- The Empty Chair from Jim: The James Foley Story
28- Audition (The Fools Who Dream) from La La Land
28- City Of Stars from La La Land
28- Start A Fire from La La Land
29- Cateura Vamos A Soñar (We Will Dream) from Landfill Harmonic
30- Better Love from The Legend of Tarzan
31- Never Give Up from Lion
32- Equation from The Little Prince
32- Turnaround from The Little Prince
33- Moonshine from Live By Night
34- Loving from Loving
35- Hurry Home from Max Rose
36- Gone 2015 from Miles Ahead
37- Wish That You Were Here from Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
38- I’m Still Here from Miss Sharon Jones!
39- How Far I’ll Go from Moana
39- We Know The Way from Moana
40- Even More Mine from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
41- Waving Goodbye from The Neon Demon
42- I’m Back from Never Surrender
43- Find My Victory from Olympic Pride, American Prejudice
44- On Ghost Ridge from 100 Years: One Woman’s Fight For Justice
45- Ordinary World from Ordinary World
46- Devil’s Girl from Outlaws and Angels
47- Levitate from Passengers
48- Ginga from Pelé: Birth Of A Legend
49- Nobody Knows from Pete’s Dragon
49- Something Wild from Pete’s Dragon
50- Dancing With Your Shadow from Po
51- I’m So Humble from Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
52- Stay Here from Presenting Princess Shaw
53- Celebrate Life from Queen Mimi
54- Back To Life from Queen of Katwe
55- Let The Games Begin from Race
56- Think About It from The Red Pill
57- The Rules Don’t Apply from Rules Don’t Apply
58- The Great Beyond from Sausage Party
59- Faith from Sing
59- Set It All Free from Sing
60- Drive It Like You Stole It from Sing Street
60- Go Now from Sing Street
61- The Veil from Snowden
62- Hymn from Snowtime!
63- Kiss Me Goodnight from Southwest of Salem: The Story Of The San Antonio Four
64- Holdin’ Out from Storks
65- Heathens from Suicide Squad
66- Flying Home from Sully
67- Montage from Swiss Army Man
68- Petit Metier from They Will Have To Kill Us First - Malian Music in Exile
69- Letter To The Free from 13th
70- Down With Mary from Too Late
71- Can’t Stop The Feeling from Trolls
72- Get Back Up Again from Trolls
73- Smile from The Uncondemned
74- We Will Rise from Veeram-Macbeth
75- LA Venus from We Are X
76- New Dogs, Old Tricks from What Happened Last Night
76- Runnin’ Runnin’ from What Happened Last Night
76- What’s Happening Today from What Happened Last Night
76- Who I Am from What Happened Last Night
77- The Ballad Of Wiener-Dog from Wiener-Dog
78- Try Everything from Zootopia

Lista editada há 1 ano

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Você já viu 0 dos 77 filmes desta lista.
  1. Alice Através do Espelho (Alice Through the Looking Glass)

    Alice Através do Espelho

    3.4 668
  2. Lutando Por Um Sonho (American Wrestler: The Wizard)

    Lutando Por Um Sonho

    3.4 6
  3. Angry Birds: O Filme (The Angry Birds Movie)

    Angry Birds: O Filme

    3.4 357
  4. Audrie & Daisy (Audrie & Daisy)

    Audrie & Daisy

    4.2 112
  5. Autumn Lights  (Autumn Lights )

    Autumn Lights

    2.2 6
  6. Seremos História? (The Turning Point)

    Seremos História?

    4.4 39
  7. Believe (Believe)


  8. Ben-Hur (Ben-Hur)


    3.2 384
  9. O Bebê de Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones's Baby)

    O Bebê de Bridget Jones

    3.6 468
  10. Medalha de Bronze (The Bronze)

    Medalha de Bronze

    3.0 36
  11. Citizen Soldier (Citizen Soldier)

    Citizen Soldier

  12. Mente Criminosa (Criminal)

    Mente Criminosa

    3.1 145
  13. Horizonte Profundo: Desastre no Golfo (Deepwater Horizon)

    Horizonte Profundo: Desastre no Golfo

    3.5 255
  14. Deserto (Desierto)


    3.1 90
  15. Dreamland (Dreamland)


    3.0 1
  16. Uma Caçadora e Sua Águia (The Eagle Huntress)

    Uma Caçadora e Sua Águia

    4.0 4
  17. Animais Fantásticos e Onde Habitam (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

    Animais Fantásticos e Onde Habitam

    4.1 2,1K
  18. Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (Floyd Norman: An Animated Life)

    Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

    4.2 7
  19. Um Estado de Liberdade (Free State Of Jones)

    Um Estado de Liberdade

    3.7 149
  20. Ouro (Gold)


    3.5 86
  21. Mãos de Pedra (Hands of Stone)

    Mãos de Pedra

    3.2 51
  22. Doris, Redescobrindo o Amor (Hello, My Name Is Doris)

    Doris, Redescobrindo o Amor

    3.6 87
  23. Estrelas Além do Tempo (Hidden Figures)

    Estrelas Além do Tempo

    4.3 1,3K
  24. How To Let Go Of The World (And Love All The Things Climate Can't Change) (How To Let Go Of The World (And Love All The Things Climate Can't Change))

    How To Let Go Of The World (And Love All ...

    4.5 0
  25. A Era do Gelo: O Big Bang (Ice Age: Collision Course)

    A Era do Gelo: O Big Bang

    3.1 377
  26. Ithaca (Ithaca)


    2.9 7
  27. Jim: A História de James Foley (Jim: The James Foley Story)

    Jim: A História de James Foley

    3.5 10
  28. La La Land: Cantando Estações (La La Land)

    La La Land: Cantando Estações

    4.1 3,3K
  29. A Orquestra Reciclada (Landfill Harmonic)

    A Orquestra Reciclada

    4.4 1
  30. A Lenda de Tarzan (The Legend of Tarzan)

    A Lenda de Tarzan

    3.2 708
  31. Lion: Uma Jornada Para Casa (Lion)

    Lion: Uma Jornada Para Casa

    4.3 1,7K
  32. O Pequeno Príncipe (The Little Prince)

    O Pequeno Príncipe

    4.2 1,0K
  33. A Lei da Noite (Live by Night)

    A Lei da Noite

    3.2 161
  34. Loving (Loving)


    3.7 259
  35. Max Rose (Max Rose)

    Max Rose

    3.3 5
  36. Miles Ahead (Miles Ahead)

    Miles Ahead

    3.3 40