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Grau de compatibilidade cinéfila
Baseado em avaliações em comum


*ajeitando ainda*
Filmes [longas] anglófonos que vi, ''mais ou menos relevantes'' para mim.

~(07)[18] CHAPLIN: ('21-The Kid///'25-The gold rush///'28-The circus///'31-City lights///'36-Modern times///'40-The great ditactor///'52-Limelight) III shortmedium (('14-Thec Face on the Bar Room Floor/'15-The bank/'16-Police/'16-The Floorwalker/'17-The Immigrant/'18-A Dog's Life/'18-The Bond/'18-Shoulder Arms/'19-Sunny Side/'19-The Professor/'21-The Idle Class))

~[02] ALDRICH, R.: ('55-Kiss me deadly/// '62-What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?)
~[03] ALTMAN, Robert: ('70-M.A.S.H./// '72-Images/// '77-3 women)
~[01] ANDERSON, Lindsay: ('68- If...)
~((01))[03] ANGER, Kenneth: (('54-The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome)) ((('69-Invocation of My Demon Brother/ ''09-Brush of Baphomet)))
~[05] ARONOFSKY: ('98-Pi /// ''00-Requiem for a dream///''06-The fountain///''08-The wrestler///''10-Black swan)
~((01))[02] BALCH, A.: ((''05-Ghosts at No9)) ((('63-Towers open fire)))
~[02] BENNING, James: ('86-Landscape Suicide/// ''04-Ten skies)
~[02] BOYLE, Danny: ('94-Shallow grave/// '96-Trainspotting)
~(03)[49] BRAKHAGE, Stan: ('64-Dog star man/ '74-The Text of Light) (('58-Anticipation of the Night)) ((('52-Interim/ '53-Unglassed windows cast a terrinle reflection/ '54-The Extraordinary Child / '54-The way to shadow garden/ '54-Desistfilm/ '55-Reflections on Black/ '59-Cats cradle/ '59-Window water baby moving/ '59-Wedlock house/ '59-Sirius remembered/ '59-The Wonder Ring/ '60-The dead/ '62-Blue moses/ '63-Mothlight/ '65-Two/ '67-Eye myth/ '70-The Machine of Eden/ '71-The act of seeing with one's own eyes/ '72-The wold shadow/ '74-The stars are beautiful/ '74-Star garden/ '77-The Domain of the Moment/ '78-Burial path/ '78-Thot falN/ '80-Murder psalm/ '81-Unconscious London Strata/ '81-The garden of earthly delights/ '86-Night music/ '87-Kindering/ '87-The Dante quartet/ '88-Rage net/ '88-I...dreaming/ '89-Visions In Meditation #1/ '89-Visions In Meditation #2/ '90-Glaze of.../ '91-Delicacies.../ '92-Crack glass eulogy/ '92-For Marilyn/ '93-Stellar/ '93-Study in color and black and white/ '94-Black ice/ '97-Commingled containers/ '99-The dark tower/ ''00-Water for Maya/ ''01-Lovesong/ ''03-Chinese series)))
~(02)[03] BROOK, Peter: ('63-Lord of the flies/// '69-MaratlSade) {'60-Moderato cantabile}
~[02] BROWNING, Tod: ('31-Dracula/// '32-Freaks)
~[01] BRYANT, C.: ('23-Salome)
~[01] CAMPION, Jane: ('93-The piano) *nz
~[05] CASSAVETES, John: ('59-Shadows/// '68-Faces/// '74-A Woman Under the Influence/// '76-The killing of a chinese bookie/// '77-Opening night)
~[01] CHAMBERS, J.: ('70-The Hart of London) *CAN
~[01] CIMINO, M.: ('78-The deer hunter)
~[01] CLARKE, Alan: (('89-Elephant))
~[08] COEN: ('91-Barton Fink///'96-Fargo///'98-Big Lebowski///''01-The man who wasnt there///''07-No country for old men///''08-Burn after reading///''10-True grit///''11-A serious man)
~[01] COHEN, Jem + FUGAZI: ('99-Instrument)
~(06)[07] COPPOLA, F.F.: ('72-The Godfather 1³///'74-The Godfather 2³///'74-the Conversation///'79-Apocalypse Now//////'90-The Godfather 3³) (('89-New York Stories))
~[04] COPPOLA, Sofia: ('99-The virgin suicides///''03-Lost in translation///''06-Marie Antoniette///''10-Somewhere///)
~(05)[07] CRONENBERG: ('69-Stereo/// '81-Scanners/// '83-Videodrome/// '86-The fly/// ''11-A dangerous method) lll ((('66-Transfer/ '67-From the drain)))
~[01] CURTIZ, Michael: ('42-Casablanca)
~(01)[10] DEREN, Maya: (Deren's+Ito's 40s-50s-85- Divine Horsemen) ((('43-Meshes of the Afternoon/ '44-The Private Life of a Cat/ '44-At Land/ '45-A Study in Choreography for Camera/ '46-Ritual In Transfigured Time/ '48-Meditation on Violence/ '58-The Very Eye Of Night/ '51-Ensemble for Somnambulists)))
~[01] FEJÖS, Pál: ('28-Lonesome)
~[02] FERRARA, Abel: ('95-The Addiction/// '98-Enigma do poder; New Rose Hotel)
~[05] FINCHER: ('95-Seven///'99-Fight club///''02-Panic room///''07-Zodiac///''08-The curious case of Benjamin Button)
~[01] FLAHERTY: ('34-Man of Aran)
~[02] FORD, John: ('39-No tempo das diligências; Stagecoach/// '56-The searchers)
~[01] FRAMPTON, Hollis: ('70-Zorns Lemma)
~[01] FRANKENHEIMER, John: ('66-Seconds)
~[02] FULLER, Samuel: ('63-Shock Corridor/// '64-The naked kiss)
~[01] GOLDMAN, Peter Emmanuel: ('67-Echoes of silence)
~[10] GREENAWAY: ('80-The falls/// '82-The draughtsman's contract/// '87-The Belly of an Architect/// '88-Drowning by numbers/// '91-Prospero s books/// '93-The Baby of Mâcon/// '96-The pillow book/// ''07-Nightwatching/// ''08-Rembrandt's J'Accuse/// ''15-Eisenstein in Guanajuato)
~[01] HARDY, Robin: ('73-The wicker man)
~[04] HARTLEY, Hal: ('89-The unbelievable truth/// '90-Trust/// '94-Amateur) (('91-Surviving desire))
~[03] HAYNES, Todd: ('98-Velvet Goldmine/// ''07-I'm Not There/// ''15-Carol)
~[01] HELLMAN, Monte: ('66-The shooting)
~[09] HITCHCOCK, Alfred: ('35-The 39 Steps// '42-Saboteur/// '43-Shadow of a doubt/// '48-Rope/// '54-Rear window/// '54-Dial M for murder/// '58-Vertigo/// '60-Psycho/// '63-The birds)
~[02] HOPPER, Tobe: ('69-Easy rider/// '74-The Texas chainsaw massacre)
~(02)[10] HUTTON, Peter: (''07-At sea) ((''13-Three Landscapes)) lll short ((('75-Florence/ '79-Boston fire/ '79-New York Portrait I / '81-New York Portrait II / '87-Landscape/ '90-New York Portrait III/ '91-In Titan's Goblet/ "00-Time and Tide)))
~(05)[10] JARMAN, Derek: ('79-The tempest/// '86-Caravaggio/// '88-The Last of England/// '93-Wittgenstein/// '93-Blue) lll ((('71-A Journey to Avebury / '73-Ashden's Walk On Mon / '73-Art of Mirrors / '79-Broken english / '86-The queen is dead)))
~[06] JARMUSCH: ('80-Permanent Vacation/// '86-Down by law/// '89-Mystery train/// '99-Ghost dog/// ''03-Coffe and cigarettes/// '16-Gimme Danger)
~[01] KAZAN, Elia: ('56-Baby doll)
~[01] KING, Allan: ('69-A married couple)
~[10] KUBRICK: ('53-Fear and desire/// '57-Paths of glory///'60-Spartacus///'64-Dr. Strangelove///'68- 2001 ///'71-A clockwork orange///'75-Barry Lyndon///'80-The shining///'87-Full metal jacket///'99-Eyes wide shut)
~[01] LAUGHTON: ('55-The night of the hunter)
~[01] LEVY, Don: ('67-Herostratus)
~[03] LOACH: ('66-Cathy Come Home/// '69-Kes/// '71-Family Life)
~[06] LUMET: ('57-Twelve angry men/// '64-The pawnbroker/// '76-Network/// /// '77-Equus/// '82-Deathtrap/// ''07-Before the devil knows youre dead)
~[01] LUPINO, Ida: (1951-Hard, Fast and Beautiful)
~[10] LYNCH, David: ('77-Eraserhead/// '80-The elephant man/// '86-Blue velvet/// '90-Wild at heart/// '90-Industrial Symphony No. 1/// '92-Twin peaks, fire walk with me/// '97-Lost highway/// ''01-Mulholland dr.) III short: (''02-The short films of David Lynch/// ''02-Rabbits)
~[01] MACKENDRICK, Alexander: ('57-A embriaguez do sucesso; Sweet Smell of Success)
~[03] MALICK, Terrence: ('73-Badlands/// '78-Days of heaven/// '98-The Thin Red Line)
~[01] MANKIEWCZ: ('72-Sleuth)
~[01] MARKEY, D.: ('92-The year punk broke 1991)
~(09)[27] MEKAS, Jonas: ('61-Guns of the trees/// '81-Travel Songs: 67-Assisi, 67-Avita, 7o-Moscow, 80-Stokholm, 67-Italy/// '69-Walden Diaries Notes and Sketches/// '72-Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania/// '76-Lost lost lost/// ''00-As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty/// ''11-Sleepless Nights Stories/// "12-Out Takes from the Life of a Happy Man) lll <'90-99-The Sixties Quartet; TSQ> ((('64-Award Presentation to Andy Warhol / '66-Notes on the circus/ '66-Cassis/ '66-Hare Krishna/ '69-Time and Fortune Vietnam Newsreel / '95-TSQ Happy birthday to John/ '92-TSQ zefiro torna.../ '90-TSQ Scenes from the life of Andy Warhol / '91-Carl G. Jung by Jerome Hill or Lapis Philosophorum / '91-Quartet Number One / '95-Imperfect ThreeImage Films / '98-Song of Avignon/ '99-TSQ the side of paradise/ ''01-Wien & Mozart/ ''01-Elvis/ ''10-WTC Haikus)))
~[01] MILESTONE: ('30-All quiet on the western front)
~[01] MONK, Meredith: ('88-Book of days)
~(06)[14] MORRISON, Bill: (''02-Decasia / ''10-Spark of being / ''13-The great flood) lll medium ((''06-The Highwater Trilogy/ ''12-Just ancient loops/ ''14-Beyond zero)) lll short ((('91-Lost avenues/ '96-Moda/ '99-City walk / ''03-The mesmerist / ''04-Light is calling / ''05-Outerborough / ''06-The porch/ '10-Release)))
~[06] NOLAN: (''05-Batman begins///''06-the prestige///''08-The dark knight///''10-Inception///''12-The dark knight rises///''14-Interstellar)
~[01] OLIVIER, L.: ('48-Hamlet)
~[02] PALMA de, Brian: ('83-Scarface///'87-The untouchables) <'96-Mission impossible>
~[01] PECKINPAH: ('71-Straw dogs)
~[01] PENN, Arthur: ('62-The miracle worker)
~[01] PERRY, Frank: ('62-David and Lisa)
~[01] POWELL + PRESSBURGER: ('47-Black Narcissus)
~[02] PREMINGER, Otto: ('54-Carmen Jones///'58-Bonjour tristesse)
~[01] RAINER, Yvonne: ('72-Lives of Performers)
~(04)[06] RAPPAPORT, Mark: ('75-Mozart in Love/// '77-Local color/// '78-The scenic route/// '79-Impostors) lll curta {'66-Mur 19/ '71-Blue streak}
~[01] RAY, Nicholas: ('56-Bigger than life)
~[01] REED, Carol: ('49-The third man)
~[03] RITCHIE, Guy: ('99-Lock, stock and two smoking barrels/// ''00-Snatch/// ''08-Rocknrolla)
~[02] RUSSELL, Ken: ('65-The Debussy film/// '74-Mahler)
~[10] SCORSESE: ('76-Taxi driver/// '77-NY NY/// '80-Raging bull// '85-After hours/// / '88-The last temptation of Christ// '90-Goodfellas/// '95-Casino/// ''02-Gangs of New York/// ''06-The Departed) (('89-New York Stories***))
~[01] SIRK, Douglas: ('48-Sleep, my love)
~(01)[02] SONTAG, Susan: ('74-Promised lands) {'69-Duett för kannibaler}
~(03)[04] SPIKE JONZE: ('99-Being John Malkovich///''02-Adaptation///''13-Her) III short {{{''11-Mourir Auprès de Toi}}}
~[01] STRICK, Joseph: ('67-A Alucinação de Ulisses; Ulysses)
~[09] TARANTINO: ('87-My Best Friend's Birthday///'92-Reservoir dogs///'94-Pulp fiction///'97-Jackie Brown///''03-Kill Bill 1///''04-Kill Bill 2///''07-Death Proof///''09-Inglourious Basterds ///''12-Django Unchained)
~(01)[02] VILLENEUVE: (''13-Enemy) {''10-Incendies¹} *canadian
~(04)[07] WATKINS, Peter: ('64-Culloden/// '65-The war game/// '67-Privilege/// '71-Punishment park) {'74-Edward Munch/// ''00-La commune} lll ((( ('61-The forgotten faces)))
~(09)[10] WELLES, Orson: ('41-Citizen Kane/// '46-The stranger///' 48-Macbeth/// '55-Mr.Arkadin/// '58-Touch of evil/// '62-The trial/// '65-Falstaff Chimes at midnight; Campanadas a Medianoche/// '68-The Immortal Story/// '73-F for fake) III short ((('34-The hearts of age)))
~[01] WILDER, Billy: ('50-Sunset blv)
~[16] WOODY ALLEN: ('66- What's Up, Tiger Lily?/// '77-Annie Hall/// '79-Manhattan///'87-September/// '83-Zelig/// '89-Crimes and Misdemeanors /// '96-Everyone Says I Love You// /''02-Hollywood Ending/// ''06-Scoop/// ''08-Vicky Cristina Barcelona/// ''09-Whatever Works/// ''10-You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger/// ''11- Midnight in Paris/// ''12-To Rome with love/// ''13-Blue Jasmine) (('89-New York Stories***))


~(03)[10] ANTONIONI: ('66-Blow up/// '70-Zabriskie point/// '75-Professione Reporter; The passenger)
~[02] ARGENTO, Dario: ('77-Suspiria/// '85-Phenomena) * italiano
~[02] BOGDANOVICH: ('71-The Last Picture Show/// '74-Daisy Miller)
~(01)[04] CAVALCANTI, Alberto: ('45-Dead of night) {{'52-Song of the sea/// '26-Rien que les heures}} {{{'27-La P'tite Lilie}}} *brasileiro
~(02)[03] CUARÓN: ('95-A Little Princess/ ''13-Gravity){''01-Y tu mamá también} *mexicano
~[02] DIETERLE, W.: ('37-The Life of Emile Zola/// '48-Portrait of Jennie) *alemão
~(01)[...] FASSBINDER: ('82-Querelle) *alemão
~(04)[08] FORMAN, Miloš: ('75-One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest///'81-Ragtime///'84-Amadeus///'96-The people vs Larry Flynt) {’64-Black Peter; Černý Petr/// ‘65-Loves of a blonde;Lásky Jedné Plavovlásky /// ’67-The firemen’s ball; Horí, má panenko} *tchecoesl.
~(02)[29] GODARD: ('70-British sounds/// '87-King Lear) {...}
~(3)[05] GONDRY: (''01-Human Nature/// ''04-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/// ''08-Be Kind Rewind) {’‘06-La Science des Rêves///’‘13-L’écume des jours} *franc.
~(1) IÑÁRRITU, A.G. (''14-Birdman) *mex.
~[02] JACKSON, Peter: ('87-Bad taste /// '93-Brain dead) *neozel.
~[01] KORDA, Alexander: ('36-Rembrandt) * magyar
~[02] LEONE, Sergio: ('64-Per un Pugno di Dollari/ '84-Once Upon a Time in America)
~(02)[05] MAKAVEJEV: ('71-W.R./// '81-Montenegro){’65-Man is not a bird; Čovek nije tica /// ‘68-Love Affair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard;Ljubavni slučaj ili tragedija službenice P.T.T. /// ’68-Innocence Unprotected} *iugosl.
~(01)[04] MALLE, Louis: ('75-Black moon) {’58- Ascenseur pour L’échafaud/// ‘58-Les Amants/// ’63-Le feu follet} *franc.
~(02)[05] MURNAU: ('27-Sunrise/// '30-City girl) {'22-Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens /// '24-Der Letzte Mann/// '26-Faust - Eine Deutsche Volkssage} *alemão
~(01)[05] PARK CHANWOOK: (''13-Stoker){...} *coreano
~(10)[16] POLANSKI: ('65-Repulsion//// '66-Culdesac/// '67-Dance of the Vampires/// '68-Rosemarys Baby/// '71-Tragedy of Macbeth/// '74-Chinatown/// '76-Le Locataire/// ''02-The pianist/// ''10-The Ghost Writer/// ''11-Carnage) lll medium {{ '62-Knife in the Water / ''13-La Vénus à la Fourrure}} lll short {{{'57-Usmiech zebiczny / '58-Dwaj ludzie z szafa / '59-Lampa / '62-Ssaki}}} *polonês
~(01)[10] RESNAIS: ('77-Providence)
~(03)[32] RUIZ, R.: ('81-The territotry/// '90-The Golden Boat /// ''06-Klimt) {...}
~[06] SANT, Gus van: (‘86-Mala noche/// '95-To die for/// ''03-Elephant/// ''05-Last days/// ''07-Paranoid park/// ''11-Restless) *hol.
~(01)[05] SCHLONDORFF: ('85-Death of a salesman){‘66-Youn Torless; Der junge Törless/// ’70-Baal/// ’72-A free woman; Strohfeuer/// ’79-The tin drum; Die blechtrommel} { *** co-dir. on KLUGE’s ‘82-Krieg un frieden} *alem.
~(01)[04] SJÖSTRÖM, V.: (’28-The wind) {’20-The monastery of Sendomir; Klostret i Sendomir/// ‘21-The phantom carriage;Körkarlen}} lll short {{{‘12-Trädgårdsmästaren}}} * SUE
~[01] SKOLIMOWSKI: ('81-Moonlighting) *POL
~(02)[03] SNOW, Michael: ('67-Wavelength/ '82-So Is This)((('69-One Second in Montreal))) * CAN
~(09)[12] TRIER, Lars von: ('91-Europa/// '96-Breaking the Waves///''00-Dancer in the Dark /// ''03-Dogville ///''05-Manderlay ///''09-Antichrist/// ''11-Melancholia /// ''13-Nymphomaniac I /// ''13-Nymphomaniac II ) {’88-Medea// ’98-Idioterme/// ’’03-De Fem Bespaend} *sue.
~(02)[09] TRUFFAUT: ('66-Fahrenheit 451/// '75-L'Histoire D'Adèle H) {'59-Les Quatre Cents Coups/// '60-Tirez sur le pianiste/// '62-Jules et Jim/// '68-La mariée était en noir¹// '68-Baisers Volés/// '70-L'Enfant Sauvage/// '73-La nuit américaine} *franc.
~(01)[08] ŻUŁAWSKI: ('81-Possession) {...} *pol.


~[02] ANDERSON, Wes: (''04-The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou /// ''14-The Grand Budapest Hotel)
~[01] ARCHER: (''10-Shit year)
~[01]AYOADE, R.: (''13-The double)
~[01] BAKSHI: ('92-Cool World)
~[03] BAY, Michael: ('98-Armagedon///''01-Pearl harbor///''05-The island)
~[02] BIGELOW: ('91-Point break/ ''08-The hurt locker)
~[07] BURTON: ('88-Beetlejuice///'89-Batman///'90-Edward scissorhands///'92-Batman returns///''01-Planet of the apes///''03-Big fish//''05-Charlie and the chocolate factory)
~[01] BROWN, C.: ('49-Intruder in the Dust)
~[01] COSTNER, Kevin: ('90-Dances with Wolves)
~[01] CRAVEN, Wes: ('77-The hill have eyes)
~[01] DAVES, Delmer: ('50-Broken Arrow)
~[01] DEMME: ('91-The Silence of the Lambs)
~[01] EGGERS, R.: (''15-The witch)
~[02] GRAY, James: (''08-Two lovers/// ''13-The Immigrant)
~[03] JOHNSTON, Joe: ('95-Jumanji/ ''01-Jurassic park 3/ ''10-The Wolfman)
~[01] KORINE, H.: ('97-Gummo)
~[01] LEAN: ('65-Doctor Zhivago)
~[01] LENI, Paul: ('28-The man who laughs)
~[01] MCQUEEN, Steve: (''13-12 a slave)
~[03] M.Night Shyamalan: ('99-The sixth sense///''02-Signs///''04-The village)
~[02] MENDES, Sam: ('99-American beauty/// ''05-Jarhead)
~[03] MOORE, Michael: (''09-Capitalism: a love story///''07-Sicko///''04-Fahrenheit 9.11)
~[01] NICHOLS, M.: (’66-Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
~[01] PENN, Sean: (''07-Into the wild)
~[02] SCHAFFNER: ('68-Planet of the apes/// '71-Papillon)
~[04] SCOTT, Ridley: ('82-Blade runner///''00-Gladiator ///''01-Hannibal///''01-Black hawk down)
~[06] SPIELBERG: ('75-Jaws///'93-Jurassic park///'97-The lost world:jurassic park///'98-Saving private Ryan///''02-Catch me if you can///''05-War of the worlds)
~[01] VIDOR, Charles: ('45-A Song to Remember)
~[01] TSUKERMAN,Slava: ('82-Liquid sky)
~[06] ZEMECKIS: ('85-Back to the future 1///'88-Who framed Roger Rabbit/// '89-Back to the future 2///'90-Back to the future 3///'94-Forrest Gump///''00-Cast away)
complete work of ENGLISHspeaking directors THAT I’VE SEEN (it includes films in a different language and short films):

in this list i’m couting:
(?) number of english lang. feature film’s + titles and year
[ * ]( * ){ * } co-direction and portmanteau
- -—
in this list i’m not couting:
[?] total number of director’s works i’ve seen
{?} feature films in another language
<?> Irrelevant
((?)),{{?}}: mediumlengh films
(((?))),{{{?}}}}: short films

Lista editada há 1 mês

561 0

Você já viu 0 dos 561 filmes desta lista.
  1. Echoes of Silence (Echoes of Silence)

    Echoes of Silence

    3.6 1
  2.  As Armas das Árvores (Guns of the Trees)

    As Armas das Árvores

    4.3 14
  3. Reminiscências de uma Viagem a Lituânia (Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania)

    Reminiscências de uma Viagem a Lituânia

    4.1 6
  4. A Married Couple (A Married Couple)

    A Married Couple

    4.3 1
  5. The Debussy Film (The Debussy Film)

    The Debussy Film

    3.8 3
  6. Morte do Caixeiro Viajante  (Death of a Salesman)

    Morte do Caixeiro Viajante

    3.8 20
  7. Daisy Miller (Daisy Miller)

    Daisy Miller

    3.4 7 Assista Agora
  8. The Great Flood (The Great Flood)

    The Great Flood

    4.0 0
  9. Beyond Zero: 1914-1918 (Beyond Zero: 1914-1918)

    Beyond Zero: 1914-1918

    4.2 0
  10. Spark of Being (Spark of Being)

    Spark of Being

    4.0 0
  11. Decasia (Decasia)


    4.1 1
  12. Sonha, Meu Amor (Sleep, My Love)

    Sonha, Meu Amor

    3.8 8
  13. Vento e Areia (The Wind)

    Vento e Areia

    4.4 30
  14. Wittgenstein (Wittgenstein)


    4.1 30
  15. Caravaggio (Caravaggio)


    3.5 47 Assista Agora
  16. O Contrato do Amor (A rajzoló szerződése)

    O Contrato do Amor

    3.7 5
  17. Afogando em Números (Drowning by Numbers)

    Afogando em Números

    3.9 20
  18. O Bebê Santo de Macon (The Baby of Mâcon)

    O Bebê Santo de Macon

    4.1 12
  19. Casablanca (Casablanca)


    4.3 890 Assista Agora
  20. O Beijo Amargo (The Naked Kiss)

    O Beijo Amargo

    4.2 42 Assista Agora
  21. Kes (Kes)


    4.2 121
  22. Lua Negra (Black Moon)

    Lua Negra

    3.6 26
  23. Repulsa ao Sexo (Repulsion)

    Repulsa ao Sexo

    4.0 377 Assista Agora
  24. O 3º Homem (The Third Man)

    O 3º Homem

    4.2 124
  25. Cidadão Kane (Citizen Kane)

    Cidadão Kane

    4.3 802 Assista Agora
  26. Macbeth - Reinado de Sangue (Macbeth)

    Macbeth - Reinado de Sangue

    4.0 35 Assista Agora
  27. A Marca da Maldade (Touch of Evil)

    A Marca da Maldade

    4.2 195
  28. Falstaff - O Toque da Meia Noite (Falstaff (Chimes at Midnight))

    Falstaff - O Toque da Meia Noite

    3.9 12
  29. Grilhões do Passado (Mr. Arkadin)

    Grilhões do Passado

    3.7 4
  30. O Estranho (The Stranger)

    O Estranho

    3.8 73 Assista Agora
  31. Verdades e Mentiras (Vérités et mensonges)

    Verdades e Mentiras

    4.3 52
  32. O Mensageiro do Diabo (The Night of the Hunter)

    O Mensageiro do Diabo

    4.1 197 Assista Agora
  33. O Homem do Prego (The Pawnbroker)

    O Homem do Prego

    4.2 29
  34. Paixões que Alucinam (Shock Corridor)

    Paixões que Alucinam

    4.3 68
  35. O Garoto (The Kid)

    O Garoto

    4.5 553
  36. Solidão (Lonesome)


    4.3 12


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