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Grau de compatibilidade cinéfila
Baseado em avaliações em comum


*ajeitando ainda*
Filmes [longas] anglófonos que vi, ''mais ou menos relevantes'' para mim.

~(07)[18] CHAPLIN: ('21-The Kid///'25-The gold rush///'28-The circus///'31-City lights///'36-Modern times///'40-The great ditactor///'52-Limelight) III shortmedium (('14-Thec Face on the Bar Room Floor/'15-The bank/'16-Police/'16-The Floorwalker/'17-The Immigrant/'18-A Dog's Life/'18-The Bond/'18-Shoulder Arms/'19-Sunny Side/'19-The Professor/'21-The Idle Class))

~[02] ALDRICH, R.: ('55-Kiss me deadly/// '62-What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?)
~[03] ALTMAN, Robert: ('70-M.A.S.H./// '72-Images/// '77-3 women)
~[01] ANDERSON, Lindsay: ('68- If...)
~[05] ARONOFSKY: ('98-Pi /// ''00-Requiem for a dream///''06-The fountain///''08-The wrestler///''10-Black swan)
~((01))[02] BALCH, A.: ((''05-Ghosts at No9)) ((('63-Towers open fire)))
~[01] BENNING, James: (''04-Ten skies)
~[02] BOYLE, Danny: ('94-Shallow grave/// '96-Trainspotting)
~(03)[49] BRAKHAGE, Stan: ('64-Dog star man/ '74-The Text of Light) (('58-Anticipation of the Night)) ((('52-Interim/ '53-Unglassed windows cast a terrinle reflection/ '54-The Extraordinary Child / '54-The way to shadow garden/ '54-Desistfilm/ '55-Reflections on Black/ '59-Cats cradle/ '59-Window water baby moving/ '59-Wedlock house/ '59-Sirius remembered/ '59-The Wonder Ring/ '60-The dead/ '62-Blue moses/ '63-Mothlight/ '65-Two/ '67-Eye myth/ '70-The Machine of Eden/ '71-The act of seeing with one's own eyes/ '72-The wold shadow/ '74-The stars are beautiful/ '74-Star garden/ '77-The Domain of the Moment/ '78-Burial path/ '78-Thot falN/ '80-Murder psalm/ '81-Unconscious London Strata/ '81-The garden of earthly delights/ '86-Night music/ '87-Kindering/ '87-The Dante quartet/ '88-Rage net/ '88-I...dreaming/ '89-Visions In Meditation #1/ '89-Visions In Meditation #2/ '90-Glaze of.../ '91-Delicacies.../ '92-Crack glass eulogy/ '92-For Marilyn/ '93-Stellar/ '93-Study in color and black and white/ '94-Black ice/ '97-Commingled containers/ '99-The dark tower/ ''00-Water for Maya/ ''01-Lovesong/ ''03-Chinese series)))
~(02)[03] BROOK, Peter: ('63-Lord of the flies/// '69-MaratlSade) {'60-Moderato cantabile}
~[02] BROWNING, Tod: ('31-Dracula/// '32-Freaks)
~[01] BRYANT, C.: ('23-Salome)
~[01] CAMPION, Jane: ('93-The piano) *nz
~[05] CASSAVETES, John: ('59-Shadows/// '68-Faces/// '74-A Woman Under the Influence/// '76-The killing of a chinese bookie/// '77-Opening night)
~[01] CHAMBERS, J.: ('70-The Hart of London) *CAN
~[01] CIMINO, M.: ('78-The deer hunter)
~[01] CLARKE, Alan: (('89-Elephant))
~[08] COEN: ('91-Barton Fink///'96-Fargo///'98-Big Lebowski///''01-The man who wasnt there///''07-No country for old men///''08-Burn after reading///''10-True grit///''11-A serious man)
~[01] COHEN, Jem + FUGAZI: ('99-Instrument)
~(06)[07] COPPOLA, F.F.: ('72-The Godfather 1³///'74-The Godfather 2³///'74-the Conversation///'79-Apocalypse Now//////'90-The Godfather 3³) (('89-New York Stories))
~[04] COPPOLA, Sofia: ('99-The virgin suicides///''03-Lost in translation///''06-Marie Antoniette///''10-Somewhere///)
~(05)[07] CRONENBERG: ('69-Stereo/// '81-Scanners/// '83-Videodrome/// '86-The fly/// ''11-A dangerous method) lll ((('66-Transfer/ '67-From the drain)))
~[01] CURTIZ, Michael: ('42-Casablanca)
~(01)[10] DEREN, Maya: (Deren's+Ito's 40s-50s-85- Divine Horsemen) ((('43-Meshes of the Afternoon/ '44-The Private Life of a Cat/ '44-At Land/ '45-A Study in Choreography for Camera/ '46-Ritual In Transfigured Time/ '48-Meditation on Violence/ '58-The Very Eye Of Night/ '51-Ensemble for Somnambulists)))
~[01] FEJÖS, Pál: ('28-Lonesome)
~[02] FERRARA, Abel: ('95-The Addiction/// '98-Enigma do poder; New Rose Hotel)
~[05] FINCHER: ('95-Seven///'99-Fight club///''02-Panic room///''07-Zodiac///''08-The curious case of Benjamin Button)
~[01] FLAHERTY: ('34-Man of Aran)
~[02] FORD, John: ('39-No tempo das diligências; Stagecoach/// '56-The searchers)
~[01] FRAMPTON, Hollis: ('70-Zorns Lemma)
~[01] FRANKENHEIMER, John: ('66-Seconds)
~[02] FULLER, Samuel: ('63-Shock Corridor/// '64-The naked kiss)
~[01] GOLDMAN, Peter Emmanuel: ('67-Echoes of silence)
~[10] GREENAWAY: ('80-The falls/// '82-The draughtsman's contract/// '87-The Belly of an Architect/// '88-Drowning by numbers/// '91-Prospero s books/// '93-The Baby of Mâcon/// '96-The pillow book/// ''07-Nightwatching/// ''08-Rembrandt's J'Accuse/// ''15-Eisenstein in Guanajuato)
~[01] HARDY, Robin: ('73-The wicker man)
~[04] HARTLEY, Hal: ('89-The unbelievable truth/// '90-Trust/// '94-Amateur) (('91-Surviving desire))
~[03] HAYNES, Todd: ('98-Velvet Goldmine/// ''07-I'm Not There/// ''15-Carol)
~[01] HELLMAN, Monte: ('66-The shooting)
~[09] HITCHCOCK, Alfred: ('35-The 39 Steps// '42-Saboteur/// '43-Shadow of a doubt/// '48-Rope/// '54-Rear window/// '54-Dial M for murder/// '58-Vertigo/// '60-Psycho/// '63-The birds)
~[02] HOPPER, Tobe: ('69-Easy rider/// '74-The Texas chainsaw massacre)
~(02)[07] HUTTON, Peter: (''07-At sea) ((''13-Three Landscapes)) lll curtas ((('75-Florence/ '79-New York Portrait I / '81-New York Portrait II / '87-Landscape/ '90-New York Portrait III)))
~(04)[09] JARMAN, Derek: ('79-The tempest/// '86-Caravaggio/// '88-The Last of England/// '93-Wittgenstein) lll ((('71-A Journey to Avebury / '73-Ashden's Walk On Mon / '73-Art of Mirrors / '79-Broken english / '86-The queen is dead)))
~[06] JARMUSCH: ('80-Permanent Vacation/// '86-Down by law/// '89-Mystery train/// '99-Ghost dog/// ''03-Coffe and cigarettes/// '16-Gimme Danger)
~[01] KAZAN, Elia: ('56-Baby doll)
~[01] KING, Allan: ('69-A married couple)
~[10] KUBRICK: ('53-Fear and desire/// '57-Paths of glory///'60-Spartacus///'64-Dr. Strangelove///'68- 2001 ///'71-A clockwork orange///'75-Barry Lyndon///'80-The shining///'87-Full metal jacket///'99-Eyes wide shut)
~[01] LAUGHTON: ('55-The night of the hunter)
~[01] LEVY, Don: ('67-Herostratus)
~[02] LOACH: ('69-Kes/// '71-Family Life)
~[06] LUMET: ('57-Twelve angry men/// '64-The pawnbroker/// '76-Network/// /// '77-Equus/// '82-Deathtrap/// ''07-Before the devil knows youre dead)
~[01] LUPINO, Ida: (1951-Hard, Fast and Beautiful)
~[09] LYNCH, David: ('77-Eraserhead/// '80-The elephant man/// '86-Blue velvet/// '90-Wild at heart/// '92-Twin peaks, fire walk with me/// '97-Lost highway/// ''01-Mulholland dr.) III short: (''02-The short films of David Lynch/// ''02-Rabbits)
~[01] MACKENDRICK, Alexander: ('57-A embriaguez do sucesso; Sweet Smell of Success)
~[03] MALICK, Terrence: ('73-Badlands/// '78-Days of heaven/// '98-The Thin Red Line)
~[01] MANKIEWCZ: ('72-Sleuth)
~[01] MARKEY, D.: ('92-The year punk broke 1991)
~(07)[22] MEKAS, Jonas: ('61-Guns of the trees/// '69-Walden Diaries Notes and Sketches/// '72-Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania/// '76-Lost lost lost/// ''00-As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty/// ''11-Sleepless Nights Stories) lll <'90-99-The Sixties Quartet; TSQ> ((('64-Award Presentation to Andy Warhol / '66-Notes on the circus/ '66-Cassis/ '66-Hare Krishna/ '69-Time and Fortune Vietnam Newsreel / '95-TSQ Happy birthday to John/ '92-TSQ zefiro torna.../ '90-TSQ Scenes from the life of Andy Warhol / '91-Carl G. Jung by Jerome Hill or Lapis Philosophorum / '91-Quartet Number One / '95-Imperfect ThreeImage Films / '98-Song of Avignon/ '99-TSQ the side of paradise/ ''01-Wien & Mozart/ ''01-Elvis/ ''10-WTC Haikus)))
~[01] MILESTONE: ('30-All quiet on the western front)
~[01] MONK, Meredith: ('88-Book of days)
~(06)[14] MORRISON, Bill: (''02-Decasia / ''10-Spark of being / ''13-The great flood) lll medium ((''06-The Highwater Trilogy/ ''12-Just ancient loops/ ''14-Beyond zero)) lll short ((('91-Lost avenues/ '96-Moda/ '99-City walk / ''03-The mesmerist / ''04-Light is calling / ''05-Outerborough / ''06-The porch/ '10-Release)))
~[06] NOLAN: (''05-Batman begins///''06-the prestige///''08-The dark knight///''10-Inception///''12-The dark knight rises///''14-Interstellar)
~[01] OLIVIER, L.: ('48-Hamlet)
~[02] PALMA de, Brian: ('83-Scarface///'87-The untouchables) <'96-Mission impossible>
~[01] PECKINPAH: ('71-Straw dogs)
~[01] PENN, Arthur: ('62-The miracle worker)
~[01] PERRY, Frank: ('62-David and Lisa)
~[01] POWELL + PRESSBURGER: ('47-Black Narcissus)
~[02] PREMINGER, Otto: ('54-Carmen Jones///'58-Bonjour tristesse)
~[01] RAINER, Yvonne: ('72-Lives of Performers)
~(04)[06] RAPPAPORT, Mark: ('75-Mozart in Love/// '77-Local color/// '78-The scenic route/// '79-Impostors) lll curta {'66-Mur 19/ '71-Blue streak}
~[01] RAY, Nicholas: ('56-Bigger than life)
~[01] REED, Carol: ('49-The third man)
~[03] RITCHIE, Guy: ('99-Lock, stock and two smoking barrels/// ''00-Snatch/// ''08-Rocknrolla)
~[02] RUSSELL, Ken: ('65-The Debussy film/// '74-Mahler)
~[10] SCORSESE: ('76-Taxi driver/// '77-NY NY/// '80-Raging bull// '85-After hours/// / '88-The last temptation of Christ// '90-Goodfellas/// '95-Casino/// ''02-Gangs of New York/// ''06-The Departed) (('89-New York Stories***))
~[01] SIRK, Douglas: ('48-Sleep, my love)
~(01)[02] SONTAG, Susan: ('74-Promised lands) {'69-Duett för kannibaler}
~(03)[04] SPIKE JONZE: ('99-Being John Malkovich///''02-Adaptation///''13-Her) III short {{{''11-Mourir Auprès de Toi}}}
~[01] STRICK, Joseph: ('67-A Alucinação de Ulisses; Ulysses)
~[09] TARANTINO: ('87-My Best Friend's Birthday///'92-Reservoir dogs///'94-Pulp fiction///'97-Jackie Brown///''03-Kill Bill 1///''04-Kill Bill 2///''07-Death Proof///''09-Inglourious Basterds ///''12-Django Unchained)
~(01)[02] VILLENEUVE: (''13-Enemy) {''10-Incendies¹} *canadian
~(04)[07] WATKINS, Peter: ('64-Culloden/// '65-The war game/// '67-Privilege/// '71-Punishment park) {'74-Edward Munch/// ''00-La commune} lll ((( ('61-The forgotten faces)))
~(09)[10] WELLES, Orson: ('41-Citizen Kane/// '46-The stranger///' 48-Macbeth/// '55-Mr.Arkadin/// '58-Touch of evil/// '62-The trial/// '65-Falstaff Chimes at midnight; Campanadas a Medianoche/// '68-The Immortal Story/// '73-F for fake) III short ((('34-The hearts of age)))
~[01] WILDER, Billy: ('50-Sunset blv)
~[16] WOODY ALLEN: ('66- What's Up, Tiger Lily?/// '77-Annie Hall/// '79-Manhattan///'87-September/// '83-Zelig/// '89-Crimes and Misdemeanors /// '96-Everyone Says I Love You// /''02-Hollywood Ending/// ''06-Scoop/// ''08-Vicky Cristina Barcelona/// ''09-Whatever Works/// ''10-You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger/// ''11- Midnight in Paris/// ''12-To Rome with love/// ''13-Blue Jasmine) (('89-New York Stories***))


~(03)[10] ANTONIONI: ('66-Blow up/// '70-Zabriskie point/// '75-Professione Reporter; The passenger)
~[02] ARGENTO, Dario: ('77-Suspiria/// '85-Phenomena) * italiano
~[02] BOGDANOVICH: ('71-The Last Picture Show/// '74-Daisy Miller)
~(01)[04] CAVALCANTI, Alberto: ('45-Dead of night) {{'52-Song of the sea/// '26-Rien que les heures}} {{{'27-La P'tite Lilie}}} *brasileiro
~(02)[03] CUARÓN: ('95-A Little Princess/ ''13-Gravity){''01-Y tu mamá también} *mexicano
~[02] DIETERLE, W.: ('37-The Life of Emile Zola/// '48-Portrait of Jennie) *alemão
~(01)[...] FASSBINDER: ('82-Querelle) *alemão
~(04)[08] FORMAN, Miloš: ('75-One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest///'81-Ragtime///'84-Amadeus///'96-The people vs Larry Flynt) {’64-Black Peter; Černý Petr/// ‘65-Loves of a blonde;Lásky Jedné Plavovlásky /// ’67-The firemen’s ball; Horí, má panenko} *tchecoesl.
~(02)[29] GODARD: ('70-British sounds/// '87-King Lear) {...}
~(3)[05] GONDRY: (''01-Human Nature/// ''04-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/// ''08-Be Kind Rewind) {’‘06-La Science des Rêves///’‘13-L’écume des jours} *franc.
~(1) IÑÁRRITU, A.G. (''14-Birdman) *mex.
~[02] JACKSON, Peter: ('87-Bad taste /// '93-Brain dead) *neozel.
~[01] KORDA, Alexander: ('36-Rembrandt) * magyar
~[02] LEONE, Sergio: ('64-Per un Pugno di Dollari/ '84-Once Upon a Time in America)
~(02)[05] MAKAVEJEV: ('71-W.R./// '81-Montenegro){’65-Man is not a bird; Čovek nije tica /// ‘68-Love Affair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard;Ljubavni slučaj ili tragedija službenice P.T.T. /// ’68-Innocence Unprotected} *iugosl.
~(01)[04] MALLE, Louis: ('75-Black moon) {’58- Ascenseur pour L’échafaud/// ‘58-Les Amants/// ’63-Le feu follet} *franc.
~(02)[05] MURNAU: ('27-Sunrise/// '30-City girl) {'22-Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens /// '24-Der Letzte Mann/// '26-Faust - Eine Deutsche Volkssage} *alemão
~(01)[05] PARK CHANWOOK: (''13-Stoker){...} *coreano
~(10)[16] POLANSKI: ('65-Repulsion//// '66-Culdesac/// '67-Dance of the Vampires/// '68-Rosemarys Baby/// '71-Tragedy of Macbeth/// '74-Chinatown/// '76-Le Locataire/// ''02-The pianist/// ''10-The Ghost Writer/// ''11-Carnage) lll medium {{ '62-Knife in the Water / ''13-La Vénus à la Fourrure}} lll short {{{'57-Usmiech zebiczny / '58-Dwaj ludzie z szafa / '59-Lampa / '62-Ssaki}}} *polonês
~(01)[10] RESNAIS: ('77-Providence)
~(03)[32] RUIZ, R.: ('81-The territotry/// '90-The Golden Boat /// ''06-Klimt) {...}
~[06] SANT, Gus van: (‘86-Mala noche/// '95-To die for/// ''03-Elephant/// ''05-Last days/// ''07-Paranoid park/// ''11-Restless) *hol.
~(01)[05] SCHLONDORFF: ('85-Death of a salesman){‘66-Youn Torless; Der junge Törless/// ’70-Baal/// ’72-A free woman; Strohfeuer/// ’79-The tin drum; Die blechtrommel} { *** co-dir. on KLUGE’s ‘82-Krieg un frieden} *alem.
~(01)[04] SJÖSTRÖM, V.: (’28-The wind) {’20-The monastery of Sendomir; Klostret i Sendomir/// ‘21-The phantom carriage;Körkarlen}} lll short {{{‘12-Trädgårdsmästaren}}} * SUE
~[01] SKOLIMOWSKI: ('81-Moonlighting) *POL
~[01] SNOW, Michael: ('67-Wavelength) * CAN
~(09)[12] TRIER, Lars von: ('91-Europa/// '96-Breaking the Waves///''00-Dancer in the Dark /// ''03-Dogville ///''05-Manderlay ///''09-Antichrist/// ''11-Melancholia /// ''13-Nymphomaniac I /// ''13-Nymphomaniac II ) {’88-Medea// ’98-Idioterme/// ’’03-De Fem Bespaend} *sue.
~(02)[09] TRUFFAUT: ('66-Fahrenheit 451/// '75-L'Histoire D'Adèle H) {'59-Les Quatre Cents Coups/// '60-Tirez sur le pianiste/// '62-Jules et Jim/// '68-La mariée était en noir¹// '68-Baisers Volés/// '70-L'Enfant Sauvage/// '73-La nuit américaine} *franc.
~(01)[08] ŻUŁAWSKI: ('81-Possession) {...} *pol.


~[02] ANDERSON, Wes: (''04-The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou /// ''14-The Grand Budapest Hotel)
~[01] ARCHER: (''10-Shit year)
~[01]AYOADE, R.: (''13-The double)
~[01] BAKSHI: ('92-Cool World)
~[03] BAY, Michael: ('98-Armagedon///''01-Pearl harbor///''05-The island)
~[02] BIGELOW: ('91-Point break/ ''08-The hurt locker)
~[07] BURTON: ('88-Beetlejuice///'89-Batman///'90-Edward scissorhands///'92-Batman returns///''01-Planet of the apes///''03-Big fish//''05-Charlie and the chocolate factory)
~[01] BROWN, C.: ('49-Intruder in the Dust)
~[01] COSTNER, Kevin: ('90-Dances with Wolves)
~[01] CRAVEN, Wes: ('77-The hill have eyes)
~[01] DAVES, Delmer: ('50-Broken Arrow)
~[01] DEMME: ('91-The Silence of the Lambs)
~[01] EGGERS, R.: (''15-The witch)
~[02] GRAY, James: (''08-Two lovers/// ''13-The Immigrant)
~[03] JOHNSTON, Joe: ('95-Jumanji/ ''01-Jurassic park 3/ ''10-The Wolfman)
~[01] KORINE, H.: ('97-Gummo)
~[01] LEAN: ('65-Doctor Zhivago)
~[01] LENI, Paul: ('28-The man who laughs)
~[01] MCQUEEN, Steve: (''13-12 a slave)
~[03] M.Night Shyamalan: ('99-The sixth sense///''02-Signs///''04-The village)
~[02] MENDES, Sam: ('99-American beauty/// ''05-Jarhead)
~[03] MOORE, Michael: (''09-Capitalism: a love story///''07-Sicko///''04-Fahrenheit 9.11)
~[01] NICHOLS, M.: (’66-Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)
~[01] PENN, Sean: (''07-Into the wild)
~[02] SCHAFFNER: ('68-Planet of the apes/// '71-Papillon)
~[04] SCOTT, Ridley: ('82-Blade runner///''00-Gladiator ///''01-Hannibal///''01-Black hawk down)
~[06] SPIELBERG: ('75-Jaws///'93-Jurassic park///'97-The lost world:jurassic park///'98-Saving private Ryan///''02-Catch me if you can///''05-War of the worlds)
~[01] VIDOR, Charles: ('45-A Song to Remember)
~[01] TSUKERMAN,Slava: ('82-Liquid sky)
~[06] ZEMECKIS: ('85-Back to the future 1///'88-Who framed Roger Rabbit/// '89-Back to the future 2///'90-Back to the future 3///'94-Forrest Gump///''00-Cast away)
complete work of ENGLISHspeaking directors THAT I’VE SEEN (it includes films in a different language and short films):

in this list i’m couting:
(?) number of english lang. feature film’s + titles and year
[ * ]( * ){ * } co-direction and portmanteau
- -—
in this list i’m not couting:
[?] total number of director’s works i’ve seen
{?} feature films in another language
<?> Irrelevant
((?)),{{?}}: mediumlengh films
(((?))),{{{?}}}}: short films

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Você já viu 0 dos 545 filmes desta lista.
  1. Echoes of Silence (Echoes of Silence)

    Echoes of Silence

    3.7 1
  2.  As Armas das Árvores (Guns of the Trees)

    As Armas das Árvores

    4.3 12
  3. Reminiscências de uma Viagem a Lituânia (Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania)

    Reminiscências de uma Viagem a Lituânia

    4.2 5
  4. A Married Couple (A Married Couple)

    A Married Couple

    4.3 0
  5. The Debussy Film (The Debussy Film)

    The Debussy Film

    4.0 3
  6. Morte do Caixeiro Viajante  (Death of a Salesman)

    Morte do Caixeiro Viajante

    3.8 19
  7. Daisy Miller (Daisy Miller)

    Daisy Miller

    3.4 7
  8. The Great Flood (The Great Flood)

    The Great Flood

    4.0 0
  9. Beyond Zero: 1914-1918 (Beyond Zero: 1914-1918)

    Beyond Zero: 1914-1918

    4.2 0
  10. Spark of Being (Spark of Being)

    Spark of Being

    4.0 0
  11. Decasia (Decasia)


    4.1 1
  12. Sonha, Meu Amor (Sleep, My Love)

    Sonha, Meu Amor

    3.8 7
  13. Vento e Areia (The Wind)

    Vento e Areia

    4.4 26
  14. Wittgenstein  (Wittgenstein )


    4.1 28
  15. Caravaggio (Caravaggio)


    3.5 47
  16. O Contrato do Amor (A rajzoló szerződése)

    O Contrato do Amor

    3.7 5
  17. Afogando em Números (Drowning by Numbers)

    Afogando em Números

    3.9 20
  18. O Bebê Santo de Macon (The Baby of Mâcon)

    O Bebê Santo de Macon

    4.1 12
  19. Casablanca (Casablanca)


    4.3 866
  20. O Beijo Amargo (The Naked Kiss)

    O Beijo Amargo

    4.2 41
  21. Kes (Kes)


    4.2 117
  22. Lua Negra (Black Moon)

    Lua Negra

    3.6 25
  23. Repulsa ao Sexo (Repulsion)

    Repulsa ao Sexo

    4.1 362
  24. O 3º Homem (The Third Man)

    O 3º Homem

    4.2 117
  25. Cidadão Kane (Citizen Kane)

    Cidadão Kane

    4.3 783
  26. Macbeth - Reinado de Sangue (Macbeth)

    Macbeth - Reinado de Sangue

    4.0 31
  27. A Marca da Maldade (Touch of Evil)

    A Marca da Maldade

    4.2 172
  28. Falstaff - O Toque da Meia Noite (Falstaff (Chimes at Midnight))

    Falstaff - O Toque da Meia Noite

    3.9 11
  29. Grilhões do Passado (Mr. Arkadin)

    Grilhões do Passado

    3.7 4
  30. O Estranho (The Stranger)

    O Estranho

    3.8 55
  31. Verdades e Mentiras (Vérités et mensonges)

    Verdades e Mentiras

    4.3 46
  32. O Mensageiro do Diabo (The Night of the Hunter)

    O Mensageiro do Diabo

    4.1 191
  33. O Homem do Prego (The Pawnbroker)

    O Homem do Prego

    4.2 27
  34. Paixões que Alucinam (Shock Corridor)

    Paixões que Alucinam

    4.3 66
  35. O Garoto (The Kid)

    O Garoto

    4.6 537
  36. Solidão (Lonesome)


    4.4 12